Product Application Guide

Product Usage Pavecrete Pavecrete Plus Patchcrete Flowcrete SLU Super Flowcrete Finishcrete Powercrete Flow-Rock Super Flow-Rock Plug-crete Cast-Patch
Sack and Finish Tilt Panels
Sack and Finish Vertical Surfaces
Finish Precasts
Cosmetic Vertical Surface Finish (including color)
Level Interior Floor - Underlayment
Level Interior Floor - Light Traffic
Level Interior Floor - Medium Traffic
Level Interior Floor - Heavy Traffic
Rapid Install Interior Floor Coverings and Coatings
Repair Curbs, Gutters, Sidewalks
Repair Steps, Floors, Foundations
Repair Spalled Horizontal Surface (Interior/Exterior
Horizontal Topping (Interior/Exterior) - Light Traffic
Horizontal Topping (Interior/Exterior) - Heavy Traffic
Horizontal Topping (Interior/Exterior) - Stenciling
Wall or Column Repair (Interior/Exterior)
Overhead Repair (Interior/Exterior)
Rapid Setting Horizontal Repair
Horizontal Structural Repairs
Parking Garage Repairs
Stop Water Leaks in Concrete
Anchoring Bolts, Railings - Interior/Exterior
Anchoring Bolts, Railings - High Exposure to Water
Non-Shrink Grout (also use Lyons Premium Non-Shrink Grout)
Compatible with Colors or Stains
Decorative Overlays
Available in White
Product Characteristics and Uses P-100 Primer Acrylic-Bond Bondall EP-200 Epoxy Primer
Surface Primer
Surface Bonder
Quick Drying (as Surface Bonder)
Reemulsifiable - One Time
High Solids Content
Intergral Bonding Agent
VOC Compliant
Interior Use
Exterior Use
Non Moisture Sensitive
Resistant to most pretroleum solvents
Suitable for Broadcast Sand Layer